What is MerchantWords?

MerchantWords is a collection of keywords used by customers to search for products online. These searches are performed on marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart.com and get enhanced by a complex set of computer rules, known as algorithms. These rules power search suggestions – a.k.a. "autocomplete" – that show up instantly when a user start typing into the search bar. When you stop and think about what needs to happen to display these suggestions, you might agree with us that it's quite a software engineering marvel!

Amazon Search Autocomplete

Every second of the day consumers search for products to buy online. This activity generates a firehose of data about consumer demand worldwide. And all of those search requests need to be instantly analyzed, so marketplaces like Amazon know what search results to display. The better the list of results, the higher the probability that Amazon will sell something.

Companies like Amazon are always trying new ways to put the right products in front of the right customer at the right time. The faster we can find what we want, the faster we can buy it. This means that search suggestions can change by the hour for some highly competitive terms. We have seen this in our data. It may even be faster than that. Autocomplete is an indispensable tool for marketplaces to direct site traffic.

So how can anyone keep up with Amazon? Artificial Intelligence! It turns out that training our computers to pick out trends and changes in keywords was a good way for us to keep up. It has helped us build a massive map of what consumers want to buy, and that's the power of MerchantWords.

We use our findings to help savvy marketers like you sail through these constant changes. Our keyword research tool can make it easy to drive more traffic to your products and find new products and marketing opportunities.

What's next for MerchantWords?

Every online marketplace possible! As data nerds, we jokingly refer to MerchantWords as "The Most Interesting Dataset in the World," and the more data we have, the closer we can get to our goal: Building a graph of the total online buyer market.

We are already seeing how consumer demand can start small and spread throughout the world like a wildfire. We know what products are powering this, and what brands are popular – all from studying something as humble as keywords.

Over the coming months and years, we endeavor to build new keyword research tools to share with you. In the meantime, we are open to exploring opportunities with you. Please contact us if you are interested in:

• Purchasing custom reports about the worldwide buyer market
• Seeing how your brand is represented in search requests
• Tapping into the power of our database

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