An Amazon Search Estimate Manifesto:

“We reject the premise that search estimates are not possible to obtain. Just because they aren’t officially published it does not mean that a bunch of bright, dedicated people can’t invent a good methodology to arrive at a logical estimate for volume.”

You may be wondering what those fancy words mean for your business.

Picture a 3D map of the world, where rivers and canyons form the peaks and valleys of our beautiful Earth. Now imagine that those peaks and valleys are made up of keywords. Mountains of keywords that, at their tops, are capped with phrases such as, “Harry Potter”, “Nerf”, and “Apple”.

That 3D map of keywords is what we built to power our search estimates.

Our team refers to this map as "Customerland." And depending on the time of year, you'll find yourself visiting various exciting attractions.

For example, on the Holiday Highlands you'll see great plateaus of keywords for "80s costumes" and "zombie costumes” – but only in October. Every March in the Sea of Trends there is a sudden bloom of "st pattys day shirt,” which is always short-lived. Evergreen Forest is where you find solid clusters of "apple watch band" and "amazon fire stick" occupying large areas of the land. And it never. Stays. Still.

In short, Customerland is like jumping into the deep end of the pool – you have to constantly tread water to keep yourself afloat.

Pretty cool, huh? No...? Well, at least you made it this far, so thanks for reading!

How does the MerchantWords algorithm help you?

MerchantWords can keep you tuned in to what's happening in your product vertical(s). You can stay on top of changes to the way people are searching for your products. Expand to new customer segments. Plan ahead for upcoming seasonal promotions. Find new markets...

So, does MerchantWords get search volume estimates from Amazon? Yes and no. Yes, we get real keywords from Amazon. No, we do not get actual numbers from Amazon and neither does anyone else. Our goal is to help you measure your company's potential reach by providing data that is always relevant and reliable.

Through plenty of good math, artificial intelligence, and hard work, we make it simple for you to track what helps and what doesn't. What will you do with that kind of knowledge?


-The MerchantWords Team