How to Refine Your Results With Advanced Search Operators

Pro Tip: Gain even more insights – and speed up your searches – by using Advanced Search.

How? With the help of certain words or symbols called operators, you can refine your MerchantWords search queries. You can even combine operators for more specific results.

Before we get started, let's do a quick refresher on how basic search works by searching for "star wars."


With basic search, the long tail phrase "star wars" will explore our database for all shopper search terms matching "star" and "wars.” Each keyword is searched individually.

In this example though, your search is likely to be about Star Wars, the epic film series, and all things related to the adventures of characters "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away." That's where advanced search can help. Check out the table below to learn more!

Advanced Search Operators


double quotes ("")

"star wars"

Performs an exact match search for the search phrase

exclude terms (-) r2d2 -shirt

Performs a search for keywords that contain the seed term and filters out results that are not relevant based on the specified exclusionary term.

(In this example search results would exclude shirt(s), but include figurines, posters, etc.)

OR r2d2 OR c3po

Performs a search for either seed keyword.

Think of these as building blocks to help you construct very specific searches into our database. For example, let’s say you want to compare Star Wars with Star Trek terms, but you're not interested in any shirts or mugs, which are fairly popular categories.

The search request would look something like this:


Constructing advanced queries should help you cut through all the “extra” keywords that are not as relevant to you. We're always working on more advanced functions and new additions to our keyword tool. If there's a search function not included here or a feature you would like to see, please click on the blue chat button below or email us at [email protected].

Happy Searching – and may the force be with you!