Refining Your Results With Advanced Search Functions

Advanced Search allows you to refine your search results using words or symbols known as “operators.” You can even combine operators for more specific results.

Advanced Search Operators


double quotes ("")

"star wars"

Performs an exact match search for the search phrase.

exclude terms (-)

r2d2 -shirt

Performs a search for keywords that contain the seed term and filters out results that are not relevant based on the specified exclusionary term.


r2d2 OR c3po

Performs a search for either seed keyword.

Think of these as building blocks to help you construct very specific keyword searches. For example, let’s say you want to compare Star Wars with Star Trek terms, but you're not interested in any shirts or mugs, which are fairly popular categories. The search request would look something like this:

Advanced Operator Search.jpg

Constructing advanced queries should help you cut through all the “extra” keywords that are not as relevant to you.

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