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Most popular questions about Digital Shelf

A Digital Shelf report shows you where your product sits on Amazon’s digital shelf. It can help you understand your market reach, how your ASIN ranks among others in its category, as well as the top-ranking keywords you share – or might be missing.

At-a-glance, you can see the titles, images, and key performance indicators for your closest competitors. Gain insights that improve the quality of own your product detail page(s), and quantity of your clicks and sales.

Of course! Your competitors’ listings are one of the best places to discover new keyword strategies for Sponsored Products campaigns. Use this report to identify new keywords and less competitive long-tail phrases so you can keep your advertising cost of sales (ACoS) low, connect with more shoppers in your target market, and outrank your competition. You can also find dozens of the best ASINs to run product targeting ads.

Yes! Using the strength of overlapping keywords you can view products that are complementary or indirectly related to your own product.


"We're constantly using MerchantWords to discover long-tail keywords. By diving into these niches, we can build effective campaigns for our clients."

Andrew Morgans, Marknology

"Our business could not survive without MerchantWords!"

Kristin Ostrander, Mommy Income

"MerchantWords is the most reliable keyword research tool that we’ve used. Honestly, I’ve used it for many years and thought it was already great, but when you launched the new version, we really loved it … we have all the information we need to start our keyword collection process for search term isolation [for Sponsored Products campaigns]. No other tool has been able to do that with such ease and speed."

Ryan Burgess, Blue Wheel Media

"MerchantWords has been instrumental in improving the rankings of my products on Amazon. Even battling with improving existing products has been amazing. And the new tools being added in the short time I have been a subscriber are awesome. I cannot recommend this software enough."

Veronica Jeans, Private Label Amazon Seller

"MerchantWords has been an important building stone in the development of our products. Not only did it allow us to find relevant keywords for our PPC campaigns, product listings, and copy; also we got the inspiration for new products that we could develop. This led to one of our best-selling products! We’ve been promoting MerchantWords to our students as well since we think it’s one of the better tools out there."

Cédric Ophoff, Amazon FBA Emerge

"I do believe that MerchantWords enables an easy way to find and most of all better rank your products on Amazon. Thanks to MerchantWords, my business grows larger every day!"

Cristian, Amazon FBA Italia

"Thank you for your amazing service! My Amazon FBA business improved so much."

Ayden Kang, Life Freedom Hackers

"Merchant Words helped me and my audience in Turkey to grow their businesses and find profitable high demand products on Amazon. DATA is HUGE and someone who spends a lot of time on it can get great results!"

Uğur Yürük, Ugurlu Amazon

"MerchantWords has been a vital tool for me and the people I coach. Being someone who strives to give my viewers the best possible tools to succeed, MerchantWords was a no-brainer."

Danny Perez, Fulfilled by Knowledge

"If I wasn't using MerchantWords, I highly doubt that my brand’s presence on Amazon would be at the level that they are now. It has truly been a crucial centerpiece for the groundwork to discover profitable products to sell on Amazon’s marketplace, and has provided me the imperative foundation needed to take my business to even higher grounds."

Chris Jones, Zon Life Success

"MerchantWords gives us a glimpse into what our customers want which is huge for us. It’s the perfect place to figure out what longtail phrases to feature in our ad campaigns so we can guarantee that we’re getting our products in front of the right customers."

Justin Johnson, NoSweat

"You guys are awesome! I implemented the new bullet points, keywords, and a modified version of the title, plus I tried out the ASIN targeting PPC campaigns that Tommy mentioned. It worked! The rankings started coming back overnight, and I am back to page 1 or 2 for pretty much all of my top keywords. Back in the game!! Phew!! Thank you so much for your help and for taking the time to hold the call with me last week. SO happy!"

Stacey Thompson, Amazon Private Label Seller

"I’ve used MerchantWords from the very beginning. And, we dip into MerchantWords for every client, every time. I love the seasonality column. Keyword trends are more important than ever. This allows us to check every quarter and make sure we’re using the most relevant keywords."

Jennifer Kaylo Ruscin

"This is un-be-flippin-lievable! Holy cow, I’m delighted with this. Thanks so much for including the extra data [about my market]. This is something that every Amazon seller should be getting!"

Neil Asher, Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

"Though it's still early, my Amazon ads targeting keywords and ASINs delivered by Digital Shelf appear to be performing better than keywords and ASINs coming from another program I use."

James Dillehay, Author & Seller

"I've been using MerchantWords for years and I must say I'm extremely impressed by the new feature releases... It gets better and better plus there are hidden features this tool has that I never knew existed until I hopped on a call with Tommy and Rachael - two of the best MerchantWords crew, in my opinion. I was blown away by the product research features, keywords, sales data, and especially, the Digital Shelf. As an Amazon professional seller, MerchantWords is my go-to tool for products, competition, and keyword research. Check it out."

Archie H., Brickshub

"MerchantWords' software was monumental to the success of my 8-figure Amazon business."

Jon Elder, Black Label Advisor

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