All the keyword data you need!

The MerchantWords History Panel is an easy-to-read and compelling snapshot of any Amazon keyword. Our tool allows you to view one year of a keyword’s search estimates, the average product price, number of reviews, related keywords, and more.

As a seller, you need to understand both sides of the economic equation: supply and demand. This table provides you with both. The supply-side data focuses on the search engine results page ("SERP") generated when a shopper enters a search term. Demand-side data focuses on what we do best, keyword information.

We’ve also provided you with a collection of additional words or phrases that are related to your root keyword. Click on any of those to start a new search in the MerchantWords database.

Final Note: We're currently only offering supply-side metrics for Amazon US, but will be rolling this data out to other countries soon. If you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve our tool, please let us know via the blue help button in the right-hand corner below or via email at [email protected].