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    April 11, 2019

    The Latest Amazon News


    Sometimes when you’re busy running your Amazon business, you don’t have time to follow all the changes that Amazon is making to their business. No worries! We’ve been monitoring that for you. Here are a few of the most recent and exciting Amazon announcements, so you remain up-to-date.

    Customized Delivery Date

    On February 29, 2019, Amazon announced a new program that allows US Prime members to pick a single delivery date for all of the Amazon purchases they make in a week. Amazon has aptly named this new program, Amazon Day. This initiative increases convenience for customers and meets Amazon’s goal of Shipment Zero, Amazon’s plan to make all Amazon shipments net zero carbon, with 50% of all shipments net zero by 2030. When customers utilize the Amazon Day program, their products come in fewer boxes and require fewer trips from delivery drivers, significantly decreasing the amount of fuel burned in the delivery process.

    While some customers may balk at not receiving two-day shipping, others appreciate the opportunity to schedule their deliveries. It is particularly popular with shoppers that live in busy cities and do not want packages sitting by their front doors until they return home.

    How does this affect sellers like you? As this program grows in popularity, it’s likely more shoppers will join Amazon Prime. If you aren’t already enrolled in FBA, you may want to give it a second thought.

    This program is currently available across the US.

    Amazon Imaging Services


    In late March, Amazon introduced a new service for FBA Sellers: Amazon Imaging Services (AIS). Sellers can opt into this product photography service through Seller Central. Simply go to the “Inventory” tab, then select “Manage Inventory.” From there, select “Manage Images” from the drop-down menu and you can select which images you would like Amazon to capture.

    Amazon will then send your product to their studio, take pictures, do any necessary enhancing or retouching, and upload them to directly to your listing through Seller Central. They will not replace any images that are currently on your listing. Amazon ensures that its photos meet all style guide requirements.

    Seem like a good option for you?

    Here’s how the pricing works:

    The fee is $50 for simple or smaller products, $100 for more complex products, and $150 for clothing images with a model or for large and bulky items, such as furniture. This price includes shipping your product to an Amazon Studio, the image session, and at least two high-resolution photographs.

    Make sure to read the fine print on this one. Amazon retains the copyright for all the images and videos that they take. While they may allow Brand Registered sellers to use their images on other sites, it will only be under certain circumstances. Make sure this is the right choice for you before diving in.

    Echo Auto


    Yes, you read that right. Alexa might soon be coming to cars near you! In early March, Amazon announced an Echo device that integrates with your car audio system through Bluetooth or an aux cord and can play music, audiobooks, and read you the news!

    This device integrates with Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze, so you can navigate with whichever system you prefer. It’s the latest in hands-free operating, an essential feature for driving safety.

    Echo Auto presents a unique challenge for companies developing Alexa skills. New skills must be engaging, but not distract the driver from focusing on the road. They must also be completely hands-free, eliminating any interaction with an app or other devices. This is sure to create a whole new set of skills geared towards drivers and their passengers.

    With the addition of Echo Auto to the Alexa family, more customers will be utilizing voice shopping. To best take advantage of shoppers using Alexa to make purchases, work to gain the Amazon’s Choice badge. Alexa automatically chooses listings with this badge to add to voice shopper’s carts.

    The device is currently available by invitation-only. While it is currently being sold for $24.99, the price is expected to increase when it is widely available to the general public.

    Looking Forward

    We’ll continue to monitor what Amazon is doing so you can put your energy back into your business! Whether it’s a change in Amazon’s search algorithm or a new feature, MerchantWords has your back!