Google Keywords vs. Amazon Keywords

MAY 25, 2018

Here at MerchantWords, we spend a lot of time talking about keywords: seed keywords vs. long tail keywords, how a broad top-of-funnel keyword differs from a mid-range keyword, and so on. But there are other keyword differences to consider.

A keyword that you use to enhance your Amazon listing is different from one you use to improve the search engine optimization for your company's webpage. Why? Well, mainly because they serve different purposes.

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When people go to Google, they’re primarily looking for information. If there’s a crossword clue that’s just on the tip of your tongue, or if you find yourself with a mad craving for pie on a Tuesday afternoon, it’s likely Google is the first place that you go to get answers.

That pie you’re suddenly craving – let’s make it key lime. You don’t just want any old key lime pie; you want the best key lime pie that you can get in your area, with the perfect combination of tart key limes and sugar to cool your palette and pucker your lips. Google helps you to find reviews on bakeries, figure out how close they are to your location, and learn whether or not you can get a glass of wine with that pie. Google is pulling a massive amount of information together to best answer your question, and help you satisfy your sweet tooth.

You wouldn’t go to Amazon with that same question though, would you? Try typing ‘key lime pie near me’ into the Amazon search bar. Spoiler alert: there are zero search results.

That’s because people don’t go to Amazon for information. They go there to shop.

Consumers go to Amazon to find the perfect birthday present for their best friend or a dinosaur night light that their toddler must have to scare away the monsters. This means Amazon keywords have purchase intent. They guide customers to the products that match their searches and ultimately the products they purchase.

As a consumer, you use different words and phrases when you’re looking for a product versus when you’re looking to gather information. Amazon recognizes that difference and works it into their search suggestions to help identify the products that most accurately match your search. You can learn more about how the Amazon algorithm works here.

These differences are one reason why it’s essential to have several different tools to help support your Amazon store. MerchantWords is here to help you build the best Amazon listing and give you accurate keyword data to help drive sales. Our database has hundreds of millions of global keywords, so you can also find unique product opportunities and keywords for sponsored ad campaigns. Our keywords can even help with content you're creating to promote your Amazon store on social media.

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