How keyword research helps you step outside of your products and services

MAY 22, 2018

If you've ever watched a professional artist at work, you might notice a specific action that the best ones tend to take. From time to time, they will lay down their tools, take a few steps back, and spend time examining their work from a distance.

This perspective allows them to appreciate how an individual will later view their finished artwork and what they might see. It's often a very different impression they receive, compared to the one they get when their nose is an inch or two away from the surface!

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How does this apply to your e-commerce business or organization?

Being too close to what you make, sell, or do can leave you with a much narrower impression than a potential customer might have. And the keywords you use when trying to sell your products might be very different from the words and phrases potential customers use when trying to buy them.

Simply put, your product listing might focus on what the item is, but your customer’s search is likely to be more about what the item can do for them.

Your product will be used to solve some kind of problem and it might not be the problem you imagined! For example, that premium yoga mat you’re selling might also be used for pilates, high-intensity interval training, preschool nap time, toddler tumbling, and under a litter box to keep loose kitty litter at bay.

How our keyword data can help

Our keyword tool can help you identify the key phrases potential customers use while searching for the solutions your products can provide. Here at MerchantWords, we monitor keyword searches from buyers around the world. Unlike purely theoretical research, we focus on understanding the actual search trends of online shoppers visiting e-commerce leaders such as Amazon, Walmart, Jet, and many others. We apply artificial intelligence to gain unmatched insights into real buyer trends and demands, and we use this knowledge to help you maximize your sales and increase the visibility of your products.

If you'd like to learn more, chat with us now to see how MerchantWords can help you grow your e-commerce business.

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