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When George started MerchantWords, it was free. It also looked a little different than it does today. George created this company to help sellers by providing high-quality search estimates and shopper search data. That’s why we still collect data by monitoring the search box, the same way we have since 2012. Monitoring the search bar allows us to provide search terms and trends directly from online shoppers.

Today, we analyze millions of products on Amazon.com each day and collect over 200 million keywords from eleven different Amazon marketplaces every month. That’s over two billion keywords a year! Of those 200 million searches, approximately ten percent are terms we’ve never seen before.

Customer searches change as language and culture shifts and new products enter the market. This flow of information drives us to improve our keyword tools and find new uses for Amazon shopper search terms.

The Latest at MerchantWords

Collecting keywords and generating search wasn’t easy in 2012, and it’s only gotten more complicated since then. Don’t worry though; we’ve upped our game. We have expanded our data and development resources to continually bring you the most current and accurate search terms and estimates possible.

For the past year, we’ve been working with Amazon sellers and experts to improve our algorithm all while also monitoring Amazon’s algorithm. Amazon continually changes its algorithm to provide its customers with the best experience possible. When they change, we do too. For us, this is more than just producing an accurate algorithm and search estimates. It’s about understanding consumer demand so that you have the information you need to grow your business.

As of August 2019, we can say with confidence (and backed by data) that Amazon’s shopper search engine has undergone a massive change. It will now autocorrect even outlandish searches, much like Google does. Try it for yourself: type nearly any combination of letters into the Amazon search bar, you’ll probably see an auto-complete suggestion appear. This is something brand new from Amazon’s search algorithm. We first observed this on www.amazon.it back in February of 2019. Since then, we have seen it in all Amazon marketplaces.

What does this mean? It means that Amazon is working even more aggressively to make sure that your listing and PPC ads match customer searches. Amazon wants to ensure their search results match that shopper’s needs; no matter what the customer enters into the search bar.

By default, improving our algorithm improves our tools. But just fine-tuning our data isn’t enough for us. We comb through our data to build new tools and provide you with actionable insights to inform your Amazon strategy.

Our team is hard at work to bring you the next round of MerchantWord updates. In the coming weeks and months, we will release more updates around:

  • Related Keywords: Our Classic Search takes your search term as a “seed” and all of the searches include that term or terms. Related keywords branch out from that. You’ll receive words that are relevant to your original search but don’t contain it. For example: entering “baking dish” will give you “casserole pan.”

  • Product Targeting Ads: Over the last year, Amazon introduced the ability to run ASIN targeted advertising campaigns. This has led to sellers scrolling through competing listings to discover ASINs. With one click, our tool will provide you with up to 1000 viable ASINs.

  • Keyword Advisor: Keyword research not your forte? This service is for you. Give us information about your product, and we’ll provide you with a complete list of keyword data you can use for SEO, PPC, and product research.

  • Competition Analysis: We can provide you with a snapshot of your niche. Easily see how your products rank against your competitors and how you can improve.

We’re so excited to share more of what our team has been working on throughout 2019! It’ll be available to you just in time for the holiday season.

Have questions about how we get our data or how you can become a beta-tester for our upcoming releases? Reach out to us through the chat button in the lower right-hand corner. We look forward to hearing from you!