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Another Amazon Prime Day has come and gone.

The two-day sales event, which ran from Tuesday, October 13th through Wednesday, October 14th, brought more than $3.5 billion in sales for the small and medium-sized businesses on its marketplace.

In the past, Amazon Prime Day was the biggest online sale of the summer. This year, the two-day sales event kicked off the holiday selling season. Here at MerchantWords, we’re curious about what the data tells us about this year’s Prime Day shoppers and what to anticipate in the coming months.

Top U.S. Prime Day Searches

Stack of cloth masks on desktopPhoto by Vera Davidova

As the air temperatures turn crisp in parts of the country and autumn settles in around us, the world is still dealing with the coronavirus crisis and COVID-19 related searches are still dominating Amazon.com.

Face mask” and “hand sanitizer” are ranked #1 and #2 in search this month.

Out of the 2.9 million unique Prime Day search terms we collected, 6,577 unique keyword phrases contained “face mask.” We saw terms such as kids face mask, black face mask, cloth face mask, clear face masks, among many others.

Among the Top 10K Prime Day keyword phrases (by search volume) US shoppers searched, 88 were “face mask” related. Terms like zinc, emergency-c, antibacterial, disinfecting wipes, thermometer, face shields, and uv sanitizer are also among the top shopper searches.

And, with staying at home being the new norm, shoppers are building, improving, and stocking up their home offices and classrooms.

32% of the top 25 keyword phrases on Prime Day were for work-from-home and home school-related items.

Top Searches By Category

Shopper search trends are a reflection of the times and they give us a glimpse into some of the top sellers this holiday season.

Here are the top 5 searches in 16 popular Amazon categories:

Framed diamond painting of tiger on a sideboard

Arts, Crafts & Sewing

  1. diamond painting

  2. sewing machine

  3. acrylic paint

  4. acrylic paint set

  5. tie dye kit


  1. baby wipes

  2. thermometer for adults forehead

  3. baby gate

  4. baby boy clothes 0-3 months

  5. high chair

Did you all know that as of December some of us have been in quarantine for 9 months? That’s right! 🤔 Interesting timing when you notice that “baby boy clothes 0-3 months” was the fourth-highest searched term in this category this Prime Day.


  1. face mask

  2. hand soap

  3. black face mask

  4. electric toothbrush

  5. body wash


  1. essential oils

  2. ruth bader ginsburg

  3. untamed glennon doyle

  4. adult coloring books

  5. 7 habits of highly effective people

Cell Phones & Accessories

  1. iphone 11 pro max case

  2. iphone 11 case

  3. iphone 11 pro max screen protector

  4. apple watch bands

  5. iphone charger

On October 13th, Apple announced its new iPhone 12 line (which became available for presale on October 16th). Despite this announcement, four different “iPhone 11” KWPs ranked in the top 10 brand new keyword phrases from this Prime Day vs. Last Prime Day. We’re not much for speculating here, but maybe this foreshadows how Apple’s iPhone 12 sales will perform. Or, it proves that love for the iPhone runs deep.


  1. wireless mouse

  2. mouse

  3. micro sd card

  4. blue light glasses for kids

  5. keyboard

#4 has become a staple in our households. Screen time since March has gone through the roof!


  1. laptop stand

  2. wireless earbuds

  3. apple watch

  4. headphones

  5. hdmi cable

Pile of Starburst candyPhoto by Taylor Rooney

Grocery & Gourmet Food

  1. candy

  2. nespresso capsules

  3. gatorade

  4. water

  5. halloween candy

Health, Household, & Baby Care

  1. hand sanitizer

  2. toilet paper

  3. laundry detergent

  4. paper towels

  5. blue light glasses for women

Patio, Lawn & Garden

  1. halloween decorations clearance

  2. trump 2020 flag

  3. mouse traps

  4. trump flag

  5. fire pit

Could shopper trends predict the outcome of this years’ Presidential election? It’s worth noting that “biden harris 2020 yard sign” is #7 on this list.

Office Products

  1. mouse pad

  2. office chair

  3. dry erase markers

  4. dry erase board

  5. printer paper

Boy wearing helmet learning to skateboardPhoto by Isaiah Bekkers

Outdoor & Recreation

  1. skateboard

  2. bike lock

  3. igloo cooler

  4. anti-fog spray for glasses

  5. axe

Skateboarding has surged in popularity over the coronavirus pandemic. According to Google Trends, searches for “how to skateboard” hit a 5-year peak in June, and TikTok videos posted under the hashtags #howtoskateboard and #skateboardbeginner have more than 23 million views combined.

Sports & Fitness

  1. water bottle

  2. resistance bands

  3. yoga mat

  4. neck gaiter

  5. gloves

Everything you need for socially distant exercise.


  1. led lights

  2. extension cord

  3. face shield

  4. masks for coronavirus protection

  5. led lights for bedroom

Pro-Tip: Pay attention to the categories your products are listed under. If your product is improperly categorized, you miss exposure and sales and could run the risk of accidentally suppressing your listing.

Toys & Games

  1. funko pop

  2. 8 year old girl gifts best sellers birthday

  3. 500 piece puzzles for adults

  4. 7 year old girl birthday gifts

  5. jojo siwa


  1. nintendo switch

  2. nintendo switch games

  3. xbox one controller

  4. roblox gift card

  5. playstation gift card

Graph showing how Nintendo Switch consistently ranks among the top searches on Amazon every month

Nintendo Switch ranked number one in its category and number 3 in the Top 10K Prime Day KWPs. It should be noted that aside from one singular month (in the last twelve), “nintendo switch” ranked among the top 5 keywords in monthly Amazon searches every month. We believe the May 2020 anomaly is due to Amazon’s suppression of “non-essential items” in late April and May.

See the full list

We wish you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous holiday season!