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    January 02, 2020

    Amazon Search Trends in 2019


    Wondering what Amazon shoppers searched for throughout 2019? Look no further. We dove into our database of billions of Amazon keywords to investigate the most interesting and informative trends from this past year.

    Top Search of the Year

    The top search of 2019, with OVER 129 million searches was the Nintendo Switch! This handheld gaming device is popular with gamers of all ages. With the number of times we’ve heard our development team talking about their Switches, we shouldn’t be surprised.

    America’s Favorite Avenger


    May of 2019 brought about the end of an era for the Avengers with the release of Avengers: Endgame. While we won’t tell you who dies in the movie, we will tell you that Captain America was the most searched Avenger that month with 1.9 million searches in the US alone. Tony Stark was a close second! Iron Man had 1.7 million searches that month as well. We love him 3,000, too.

    Biggest Increase

    From the end of 2018 to the end of 2019, LED lights increased by over four million searches! Just glancing at the search results page on Amazon tells you how many varieties there are. They come in every color under the rainbow and several different styles! You can discover which variation is best for you by digging into longtail keywords when performing product research and writing your listings.

    Biggest Decrease

    2019 saw a 13 million drop in iPhone XS Max case searches. There was also a significant decrease in searches for iPhone 8 Max and iPhone 7 Max phone cases. With the release of the new iPhone 11 this year, customers are leaving their old phones behind.

    Rising Star


    You would have to be living on Tattooine to miss the latest Star Wars trend to hit the internet: Baby Yoda. This cuddly green alien isn’t just stealing our hearts; he’s also stealing Amazon searches. In the month since his streaming debut, Baby Yoda has pulled in just over 223,000 searches.

    Trending in Electronics

    Wireless is still leading the charge in electronics. Among the top searches were wireless earbuds, mouse, and headphones. Wireless headphones have long been a top search among Amazon shoppers, but the language shoppers use to search for them has changed over time. With such a wide diversity of relevant keywords, it can be difficult to find the right ones for your listing. Here are some insights to help you out.

    • ‘Wireless headphones’ dropped over 2019

    • ‘Wireless earbuds’ has risen over 2019

    • ‘Bluetooth headphones’ is consistently falling

    Most Consistent Search

    Our data team called the searches for an HDMI cable “surprisingly consistent.” Unlike phone and laptop cords that change as new models are released, even new TVs still use the tried and true HDMI cable.

    Unicorns Are Still In


    Though llamas are gaining popularity across Amazon, unicorns still have them beat. Shoppers love unicorns (to the tune of 35 million searches), but are looking for “unicorn party supplies” specifically. These shimmery, sparkly products won out with 37 million searches while “unicorn party favors” brought in an additional 11 million searches this year.

    Up and Coming Category

    More and more people are turning to Amazon for their everyday needs. Health, Household & Baby Care has seen over 200 keywords make the jump into the top 10,000 most searched terms over the course of 2019. Even common items like “409 multi-surface cleaner” and “zeiss lens cleaning wipes” are gaining popularity. If you’re looking for a new category to expand into, this could be it!

    Don’t wait until the end of the year to look out for new trends. Use the Keyword History Panel and Collections to track trending keywords over time to maximize your ad spend and capitalize on new crazes in the market.

    Here’s to a happy and successful 2020!

    -The MW Family