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MerchantWords connects the dots between buyer keystrokes and your products

UNCOVER highly specific keyword phrases that help buyers find what you are selling.

We collect searches from real Amazon shoppers. This allows us to quickly spot trends and see what's in the minds of shoppers — your customers.

Since 2012, MerchantWords has helped over 80,000 entrepreneurs grow their online businesses. Our data helps you discover new opportunities, achieve successful product launches, and run profitable advertising campaigns on Amazon and beyond.

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What Do You Get With MerchantWords?

The most accurate, extensive, up-to-date collection of global shopper keyword search data available today.


We have over one billion unique search phrases collected from Amazon shopper searches around the world. That's one billion insights on consumer demand and shopping trends.


Use our Global Keyword and ASIN+ Tools to identify the right keywords, new product opportunities, and marketplace insights.

MerchantWords gives you instant access to a worldwide audience with a database of search terms from buyers in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Our proprietary algorithm uses artificial intelligence to comb through our extensive database, calculate the ranking of every single search phrase, and produce an estimated search volume, so you don't have to worry about it.


Collecting billions of keywords isn't easy, but the real work comes in understanding what keywords to use and when to use them.

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Use the most advanced keyword software available to find the most profitable search terms for your marketing and pay-per-click advertising. Join the thousands of sellers who use our data every day to power their most profitable campaigns.

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