Welcome to MerchantWords!

Here is an overview of the MerchantWords website to give you a better idea of how to use our e-commerce marketplace keyword tool.

To begin your search, enter a keyword or phrase into the search bar under the MerchantWords logo and global navigation.

MerchantWords Search Bar

Once you get your results, the first thing you may notice is a selection of flags directly beneath your search term. These flags represent the different countries where we collect keyword data: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, Australia, India, Mexico, and soon the Middle East, Turkey, and Brazil. These flags prove useful if you sell internationally as different countries and cultures use different keywords. They provide insight into how language differences impact Amazon searches.

MerchantWords Results

The numbers beneath each flag tell you how many unique keyword combinations related to your search are found in each country. These totals do not represent estimated search volume, just the quantity of MerchantWords search results.

Beneath the flags are our three primary columns: Amazon Search, Estimated Monthly Search Volume, and Dominant Categories. Let's learn more about each one.

The ‘Amazon Search’ column shows various keyword options related to your original search. The standard settings for the results page will display the highest ranking keywords first in descending order as you scroll down.

If you would like to view the results differently, just click on the ‘Filter’button in the right-hand corner. From here you can arrange the search results from highest to lowest, or in alphabetical order (A to Z, and Z to A).

There are other exciting features in the search column that you might not know! Ever find a keyword that so accurately describes your product that you want to perform a search focused only on that word? No need to start a new search from scratch, just click on the hyperlinked word, and we do the heavy lifting for you. More keywords at your fingertips!

Keyword Magnified

You can also start a new search for a whole phrase. Hover your cursor over the words that have caught your eye. A magnifying glass will appear on the right side of the column. This nifty magnifying glass can help you search more than just MerchantWords.

MerchantWords Search Marketplaces

Hovering over it will give you several different options:

Option one: ‘Search MerchantWords.’ Clicking here will provide new search results focused on the entire keyword phrase. You can create a whole chain of keywords by searching this way.

Option two: ‘Search Amazon.’ Clicking here will open a search results page for the selected phrase directly on Amazon.com. You can see what listings – and how many of them – appear when those terms are typed into the Amazon search bar. This feature also makes it easy to grab an ASIN when creating a new listing.

Option three: ‘Search Walmart.’ This link opens a search results page from Walmart.com. This option allows you to see how customers are searching on Walmart, and how sellers are listing their products there.

Can your magnifying glass do all that?

MerchantWords Categories

The next column to the right is our ‘Estimated Monthly Search Volume.’ This is our best attempt to understand the relative strength of any given keyword on Amazon. And it’s a moving target. When Amazon and Walmart change, our algorithm does as well. Our data scientists look at consumer search behavior. They examine all the connections between the words millions of shoppers type into the Amazon and Walmart search bars every day. We look at the relationships between these keywords and gather information across hundreds of millions of searches. This data is then analyzed using our custom algorithm to estimate the number of monthly searches performed for each search term. Doing this gives us a measure of the popularity of different searches from a buyer's point of view.

After you study search volume the next column you will see is ‘Dominant Categories.’ Here you will find the categories where your search terms appear most frequently. These categories can be entered into Seller Central account while building a new listing to meet consumer search needs more accurately. Please note, sometimes keywords don't get a category entered along with it. If you see this section empty that is because it was not tagged to any category.

MerchantWords Filter Download

You might want to save this amazing data to your computer for easy access or to copy and paste as you build your listing. The ‘Download CSV’ button in the upper right-hand corner of the search results page can help you out. It is important to note that we round our search volume estimates on the website for ease-of-use, so the search estimates on the CSV may be slightly different from the website.

The downloaded CSV will contain one column for the keyword phrases and a corresponding column for the search volume data. Once downloaded, keywords can easily be copied and pasted into an Excel or another spreadsheet document. From there you can easily remove any duplicates or phrases that are not relevant to your product and run a further analysis of the information.

We hope you have enjoyed this tour of the MerchantWords search result page, your one-stop shop for understanding those rows and columns. Take a look at the links on the left side for more helpful topics. Or just hop on to the next one: Our introduction to keywords.

For a full list of our products, please see this page. If you have further questions or comments, please reach out to us at [email protected]. We are always here to help!