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ACCURACY: We strive to provide product listings that include relevant and accurate content from the information you provided. If there is additional branding or technical specifications that you deem necessary, please add those into your listing.

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  • Each word in the title can be searched by itself

  • It’s also the first thing that customers see when scanning the search results – good titles compel buyers to click on your listing


  • Here, we highlighted the product features and benefits that are most relevant to your prospective customers

  • In this section, we’ve combined high volume keywords, low competition opportunity phrases, and expert sales copy to write a listing that will drive traffic and convert buyers

  • Keep in mind that we've prioritized keyword placement over typical sales writing practices when necessary. So if there’s anything in this section that is inaccurate or that doesn’t match your branding, please feel free to remove it.


  • We’ve used this section to make an emotional connection with shoppers. A good product description should be clear, simple, and skimmable on mobile.

  • You’ll notice alternative use cases, finer selling points, or important information

  • Please note, that if your listing contains Enhanced Brand Content, it may be in your best interest to keep all registered content the same with the new upload

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  • Here, we’ve placed search phrases that are relevant but not necessarily appropriate for customer-facing content

  • These search terms might reference related products, alternative spellings, or second language words

  • There’s a 250-character/byte limit in this section, so we’ve excluded any words that already appear in your listing

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