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Have you wondered why specific listings show up on the first page of a search? Wonder no more! Page 1 Search Results allows you to view which product listings are on the first page of Amazon’s search results for any given keyword.

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When you click on the button CHECK FOR PAGE 1 SEARCH RESULTS, you’ll see all the listings that appear on page one of Amazon’s search results, in the order in which they appear on Amazon’s page. You can view the ASIN, price, review count, star rating, and Amazon’s Choice information for each listing. You can also view these by using the magnifying glass in the Actions column.

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From here, you can easily analyze the data and search the MerchantWords database by ASIN to view the indexed keywords for each product.

Let’s go through what you can learn from the insights on this page:

amazon product research tool


The SHOW KEYWORDS button lets you quickly go back to the traditional MerchantWords keyword discovery page. Below the button, you’ll find a selection of top-level data that will help you understand the landscape for your keyword. Let’s take a look at each one:


This is the count of individual ASINs that appear on the first page when searching Amazon with this keyword phrase. The maximum number is 48. If there are fewer than that, it can be an indication that there is low competition – and an opportunity to break into the first page of results.


MIN PRICE and MAX PRICE: The lowest and highest prices for the products listed on the first page of the Amazon search results for the keyword you’re researching. This information is currently only available for US data.

AVG PRICE: The average price for all the products on the first page of the search results. With this pricing information, you can determine where your listing will fall amongst the top product listings.


These metrics show you at a glance the range of reviews for the products listed on page one. Reviews can be used as a proxy for a product’s sales volume and help you to determine the level of competition in the market.

Page One Results Listing Details

Scrolling down from the highlights panel, you’ll find details for each individual product listing on page one of Amazon for the keyword you’re researching. You can always get the information you need about each category when searching by hovering over the ⓘ icon for a quick tooltip. We’ll describe each column and how it can help you below.


amazon search engine keywords

The TITLE column shows you not only the listing’s product title but a thumbnail image of the product as well. Scanning this column can provide ideas for relevant, ranking keywords to use for a similar product’s title and listing.


amazon search terms

You’ll recognize the magnifying glass in the ACTIONS column from the keyword search results page. As with the other search results pages, the magnifying glass lets you start a new search on MerchantWords or Amazon.


amazon reverse ASIN search

There’s no need to hunt down the ASIN for the listing you’re reviewing because we’ve included it right here for your convenience! To learn more about that ASIN, just click it and you’ll get the full analysis available on MerchantWords.


amazon product search ranking merchantwords

By default, results are sorted by the POSITION in which the product listing appears on the first page of Amazon’s search results for that keyword. As with the other columns, you can sort ascending (1 to 48) or descending (48 to 1) with a click of a button. Just hover over the label at the top of the column and you’ll see two sort arrows appear. Click on the up or down arrow to change the sort order for the entire table.


amazon keywords pricing

There’s no need to look up the PRICE for a keyword’s top listings because our Page 1 Search Results tool includes this information. When you’re analyzing the top listings, take a look at how the price, position, reviews, and star ratings are different for each position. You may find a gem to use as a model for how to update your listing to beat the competition.


amazon product reviews merchantwords

As we all know, REVIEWS are the key to a great listing and more sales. You can see how many reviews a listing has and, if you’re watching the keyword over time, you’ll see how the number of reviews may change the position. You may also find that the listings in the top positions may not always have the most reviews!

Star Rating

best amazon keyword tool rating

The STAR RATING column shows you how many stars a product has received. The scale is from 1-5, with five being the best. This rating is a direct reflection of a product's rating as it appeared on Amazon when we collected the data.

Amazon’s Choice

amazon choice badge

If you see a "Yes" in this column, it is because this ASIN displays a badge when you search with the associated keyword phrase.

What Next?

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