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December 18, 2020

Episode 13: Quick Tip - Spy on Your Competition

Episode 13 of the Sell Rank Win Podcast; learn how to spy on your Amazon competition

In This Episode

Tommy walks through a super quick technique to find competitors' "high sales" keywords to improve your Amazon SEO and maximize your PPC campaigns. Use this strategy to win sales from your competition, increase market share, and boost your ranking in the search results! Tune in now to find out how.


Tommy Beringer:

What's up, you data-hungry Amazon sellers? This is your host, Tommy Beringer of the Sell. Rank. Win. Podcast from MerchantWords. And in this podcast, we give you the answers to your most burning questions, actionable insights that you can take away and implement into your business today. So let's go ahead and dive right into today's episode. What do you say? Let's go.

What's going on, everybody? Thanks for tuning into the Sell. Rank. Win. Podcast and the first of our quick tip segments. What our quick tip segments are going to be are podcast episodes that are roughly under five minutes and that are going to deliver some jam-packed value. In this one, I go ahead and go over how to find some keywords that your competition is ranking for, so you can go ahead and get ahead of them. And also you can see these same keywords that Amazon is deeming them as relevant for us, so you're going to want to take these keywords and put them into your PPC campaigns and inside of your listings. I'm going to show you how to do that right now. Also, I recorded this on video, so you can go to our YouTube channel and go under podcasts so you can see what I'm doing and look over my shoulder so I could walk you through exactly how to do this. So let's go ahead and dive right in. Let's go.

Well, hello there, my MerchantWordians, welcome to this quick tip podcast. I'm going to try and keep this one under five minutes, and it delivers some extreme value for you guys. So if you are listening to this, this will also be in our YouTube channel. Just search under podcast and you will find it. This is going to be a quick tip podcast, just on a way that you can get some keywords quickly in order to get a leg up on your competition right away.

So what I'm doing is I'm in classic search right now, and I'm using an example of pacifiers. So I searched pacifiers, and now I'm going to go to the very, or the highest searched keyword within this keyword market. As long as it is relevant to my product. People ask me, "Can I do this if I'm a smaller seller and can I do this from a big brand?" This applies to all brands, large or small. Like we said before, Fortune 500 companies use our software. So this is use cases for any type of brand out there, if you were just selling one pacifier or if you're selling a whole line of baby products.

So, say that I was selling a pacifier zero to six months. I'm going to come in here, hover over the magnifying glass on the highest searched keyword. At this moment, it's right around 590,000 searches a month. I'm going to hover and go to our page one products tool. Once I'm in the Page One Products tool, I'm going to go ahead and click on the first ranked ASIN, which is the number one organic position. This is telling me this ASIN is ranked at the very top of page one for the keyword pacifier zero to six months. So I'm going to go ahead and click on the ASIN.

After I click on the ASIN, I will be in our ASIN Plus tool, which is our reverse ASIN lookup tool. What I'm going to do is go to our search rank and filter from one to three. You guys can filter just to see the first position or first and second, but I like to just do one to three. This is going to give you the above-the-fold keywords, and this is going to show you all of the keywords that this product is driving the bulk of its sales from.

So as you can see here, a pacifier zero to six months, search rank position number one, pacifier, number one, and so on. So this is a key that you guys could use just to come in here using that flow that I took you guys on, just to grab some keywords and put them into a PPC campaign and inside of your listings to be optimized against your competition.

So, guys, I hope this was helpful. It is one of our quick tip episodes. So that's why it is going to be very quick and to the point, and thanks for joining us, guys. Until next time, stay awesome and be awesome.

All right. Thank you guys so much for listening. And if you got any value out of this podcast at all, please let us know at the place that you listened to it at, whether it be iTunes, Stitcher, whatever it is. Give us some love. Give us an awesome review and let us know maybe some things you want us to talk about on the next podcast. Until next time, guys, stay awesome and be awesome.