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April 20, 2021

EPISODE 23: NEW Tip for Better Amazon SEO

Sell Rank Win Episode 23: A New and Improved Way to Optimize Your Amazon Title

In This Episode

In this quick podcast episode and video, learn a new and improved way to boost your Amazon seller ranking.


Tommy Beringer:

What's up, you data-hungry Amazon sellers? This is your host, Tommy Beringer of the Sell Rank Win podcast from MerchantWords. And in this podcast, we give you the answers to your most burning questions, actionable insights that you can take away and implement into your business today. So let's go ahead and dive right into today's episode. What do you say? Let's go.

What's going on, everybody? Welcome to the Sell Rank Win podcast. In this episode, I walk you guys through how to update your title the new and improved way, much faster and better results. So you're going to want to stick around for this one. And again, I did record this one on video, so do yourself a favor if you are in your car or just listening to the audio here, head on over to our YouTube channel, our MerchantWords YouTube channel, and go on our podcast section and watch this podcast there so you can get the best experience on how to do this. And this goes over our Keyword Explorer tool. You can definitely test this out for free, but if you want to reap the full benefits of it, you do have to get a plan. But you guys could cancel at any time and no questions asked, but I don't think you'd want to cancel after using this puppy. It's pretty cool.

So no further ado. Let's go ahead and dive into this episode right now. What's going on everybody? Welcome to the Sell Rank Win podcast. I am your host, Tommy Beringer. And in this episode, I'm going to show you guys the new and improved way to update your title to generate some more sales in a higher search rank. And I have implemented this in my business, this strategy that I'm going to show you right now about a couple of weeks ago, and I've already seen about a 40 to 50% increase in sales. It's pretty crazy how this is working.

I mean, it's all about the title right now. That's the heaviest weighted part of the Amazon search algorithm. And you want to make sure you're updating your title at least every month, every other month, to make sure you're using those new keywords that are coming in, the new ways that buyers are searching for your products. And the only way that you can find out the new ways that buyers are searching for your products is by using MerchantWords, by using us. And we're going to help you out to gain those sales, gain some more sales and get a higher rank.

So you may hear a little bit of noise. I apologize, doing some schooling here at home, dogs barking, and we're doing a little bit of a construction at the house. So any noise you hear, I apologize in advance. So let's go ahead and dive in. I'm here. Oh, and also, if you are listening to this podcast in your car or wherever you are on the audio, you can go ahead and head over to our YouTube channel, our MerchantWords YouTube channel, and go on to podcasts. So do yourself a favor, so you can see the over the shoulder look that I'm giving right now. It'd be very beneficial to you guys.

So I'm now in classic search and I'm searching for the keyword, bamboo cooking spoons. Now, what you want to do is come over here to the actions tab, actions button, hover over it, go down to analyze this page. That's going to bring up our Keyword Explorer tool. This tool is fricking awesome, guys. It's going to cut your research time in half. You can use this for all of your SEO, for your Amazon product listing, for your PPC campaigns, and even for product research. But for the use case I'm going to go over today is the title optimization. So I don't want to get too much in the weeds.

So here we are at the Keyword Explorer. This is very straightforward. The home button here, that's showing you all the keywords here, or all the keywords right behind here on this page of search. And this Keyword Explorer works on top of our classic search tool, emerging trends, AC Plus, page one, anywhere you see a data table like this, you will be able to pull up Keyword Explorer, which is so awesome about it.

So what I do immediately when I want to update the title is I'm going to go to the 3X, 4X or 5X terms. So let's go to 4X. And I'm doing this on the fly here. I haven't really went through it too much, and okay. So I like to see a high count and a high strength. So this one is definitely meeting my criteria. So I'm going to sort it by count. So I see bamboo spoons for cooking show goes up 30 times in different or phrases. It has a very high strength of 94%. And the strength that we take into account, the search volume and then how many times it shows up in different phrases.

Now, if you want to see the 30 phrases that bamboo spoons for cooking shows up in, all you have to do is click on it, and then you can see all of the keywords here along with the volume. Pretty cool, right? Okay. So I'm going to clear that, go back to the 4X. I'm liking this. So if you see some of these here, you can either write them down, but better yet, you could just save them for later by clicking on the boxes. So I'm going to click these two. They have a good count. Even the bamboo wooden spoons. I'll click that one as well. And then let's go to the 5X terms, maybe this one. And this one and for the 3X terms, yes, spoons for cooking and bamboo spoons. Okay. So now I'm going to go over to the CO tab here and then just create a collection. Keyword Explorer bamboo spoons title update. You don't have to make it that robust, but anyways, just so you know, you could put the ace in that you're updating or whatever.

Now you can click either go to collection for the checkmark or not go to collection if you're still doing research. I don't want to go to collections yet, so I'm just going to upload and go back to the research. So that's going to a collection right now that I just created. And then for later, I'm going to take you guys over there to the collection and then to access it. You click the CO tab there. So now I'm back here. I'm going to go... I want to show you guys one more thing here. So I'm here at the 3X terms, let's say, for example, you wanted to remove a keyword in your research. All you have to do is go to the minus sign here, click on it.

So for example, say you wanted to remove a brand. You don't want to see any brands that are popping up or any colors or any materials or anything like that. Maybe you're selling a blue widget and you want to remove all of the keywords that have red in it. You can do that. So for example, I'm going to use this, I'm going to remove this brand of Riviera. So pay attention here. I'm going to type it in. Riviera and then click apply, and you will see that that is gone. So very useful stuff there. And then you can also search the list. So let's see, you want to, for example, type in the word four, so you can see all the use cases. You can do that. Four. You can go to the 5X, 4X. You can see everything that has four it. You can do maybe with. So you're beginning to just write your title here in front of your eyes. This tool is so fricking awesome.

So anyways, let's clear this and then go back to the collections that we created. So we're going to click out of the Keyword Explorer. Oops. Did I not update it? Hold on. This upload it just to be sure. And then we'll go to the collection. So I'll just do it this way. You can do that as well. Takes two seconds and you're over here. So now, if you didn't know how to get to the collections that way, the other way you can do it is just go to collections here and then you will be able to access your collection, your Keyword Explorer, bamboo spoons title, so forth. Anyways.

So here we are, and it was, I believe, forget the one that I liked with the 30 count, but I think it was the bamboo, maybe was the wooden spoons for... No. Bamboo wooden spoons for cooking. Let's say it was the bamboo wooden spoons for cooking. Or maybe you want to use this one because this has 125,000 searches for wooden spoons for cooking. So, excuse me. So now what you want to do is take one of these and put it in the beginning of your title.

Now make sure that if you do have wooden spoons for cooking or any of those keywords in your title, to make sure you remove them or put them somewhere else. You don't want to repeat anything in your title, or especially throughout your listing. So just take this, copy it, you'll a separate tab open for your Seller Central account, and then you're going to put that in the beginning of your title, save it, and your title should update I think, what is it, between 15 minutes and 24 hours. I don't think my title ever took longer than 15, 20 minutes to update. But anyway, so what do you want to do from there is just track it.

So you want to make sure you do not change any other variables. So this is very important. Say you're selling something for $10. You don't want to add this new title and then put $9, because if your sales went up, you don't know if it was the price change or if it was the title. So make sure you don't change anything, especially what you can control. Like you can control the price, you can control your PPC spend. So don't up your PPC spend, don't drop the price, don't raise the price. Some things you can't control, like maybe your competitors going out of stock, which is a good thing, but you don't know if your sales went up maybe because they went out of stock. Maybe you can monitor that as well, or competitors coming in. You cannot control that either.

But anyways, say for example, you monitor this over about a week or two and your sales are going up, you like where it's going, just leave your title alone. You guys did a great job, come back and see where the sales are at and about a month or so. And if you need to update it again, update it again. Say that your sales didn't do anything. Your sales rank didn't do anything within a week or two, remove that title, come back here to your collections and try a new one. Try a new title and just keep testing. It's all about testing guys.

So that's pretty much it. It is so simple, so straightforward to do. This has worked in my Amazon business. Like I said, it has increased my sales by about 40 to 50% here within the last couple of weeks. And we want you guys to win. So make sure you reach out to us. If you have any questions on this at all, you can reach out to our wonderful customer service team at the blue chat button below, and you can even reach out to me. My email is [email protected]. Please hit me up. I'm here, I'm not a robot, I'm a human, I promise. We just want you guys to win. So, until next time guys, stay awesome and be awesome. Keep winning, keep grinning. Let's go.

All right. Thank you guys so much for listening. And if you got any value out of this podcast at all, please let us know at the place that you listened to it at, whether it be iTunes, Stitcher, or whatever it is, give us some love, give us an awesome review and let us know maybe some things you want us to talk about on the next podcast. Until next time, guys, stay awesome and be awesome.