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January 23, 2022

Sell Rank Win Ep. 37: Five Simple Tips for FBA Success


In This Episode

Tommy shares five ways to be more efficient, increase productivity, and save time and money when building a successful FBA business on Amazon.


Tommy Beringer:

What's up, you data-hungry Amazon sellers? This is your host, Tommy Beringer, of the Sell. Rank. Win. Podcast from MerchantWords. And in this podcast, we give you the answers to your most burning questions, actionable insights that you can take away and implement into your business today. So let's go ahead and dive right into today's episode. What do you say? Let's go.

What's going on my MerchantWordians, Tommy here for MerchantWords, and I'm so excited to bring you the first episode of Season 2 of the Sell Rank Win Podcast. We could not have done it without you. All you loyal listeners out there, thank you for continuing to listen. And this podcast would not be made possible without you, without you guys, without you listeners out there. So thank you guys for that. Just want to say Happy New Year and hope you all have a fantastic selling year on Amazon, or whatever e-commerce platform you are selling through. Of course, this is catered to the Amazon seller side of things, but anyone else that is out there with Shopify, Etsy, whatever it is, good luck on all of that stuff.

All right. So today, what we're going to be talking about is five simple ways to make selling on Amazon more efficient. So let's go ahead and dive in, as I like to keep these podcasts short, sweet, and informative. So number one, outsource. So what do I mean by outsource? So outsourcing is letting go of the task that you continually put off, let go of those tasks and let someone else take care of those tasks for you. So if it's a quick one-off project, of course, Fiverr is good for those, if it's a more involved longer-term project, then Upwork is a sufficient option, to find a reputable and smart VA.

And if you're trying to look at ways to identify what tasks or what jobs within your business to outsource, what you want to look at is the projects that you're not passionate about, that are mind-numbing things that you continue to put off, like I said earlier. Because if you continue to put those off and keep procrastinating on those, your business is going to hurt, your business is going to suffer, if you think you could just take on everything. And it is tough. Trust me, I was that way at one point until I started hiring on some VAs. So definitely try to find those tasks that you're not passionate about and that you do not want to do, and then allocate those tasks to someone else that can do them before you, such as someone on Fiverr, someone on Upwork. And I promise you, once you do this, it is a world of relief and it'll free you up to do other things in your business that you enjoy, and that you need to get done yourself, the things you like to do yourself.

Another site, other than Fiverr and Upwork that I have used to hire one of my VAs is Our good friend, Dave Kettner, told me about this site. He also speaks about it on the podcast episode that he was on, I think it's episode 35. So you can that out as well. We talk about Etsy selling on that one. But on, you can find a highly educated, hardworking VA from the Philippines there, and their salaries should fit within your budget if you are just starting out. And I do recommend to hire someone there part-time at first to see if they are a good fit for your business, and then bring them on full-time from there if it works out.

For example, I'm currently having my VA create designs for my POD products that I'm starting this year, I'm starting a print-on-demand side of things in Etsy and Amazon. And what I'm having her do is create the designs, and then upload them to Amazon and Etsy to create those listings for me. And if I had to do this all day, every day, I would go crazy and I would definitely not be making any progress in this new POD model that I am trying out, the print-on-demand model. I could do another podcast on that, but just touching on that here. And then all I do basically is send her, I look through the data in MerchantWords and in MakerWords, MakerWords is our sister site that provides keyword data for Etsy.

So I will go through those and then just give her some metrics that I want her to look at, maybe a certain amount of review, a certain amount of search volume. And then basically she just goes at that list and creates designs. And I'll wake up the next morning and then see some new products uploaded to my Amazon seller account and to my Etsy seller account, which is awesome, which is fantastic. And I got really lucky, I'm getting a really good bank for my buck with her. She is very hardworking, and I do have her on part-time at the moment, but I think I will be bringing her on full-time soon. And it's simple as, just jotting down some simple SOPs for them and then creating a Slack channel, or if you want them through WhatsApp or WeChat or whatever it is, but they prefer from what I have found, Slack and WhatsApp in the Philippines.

So number two, stop looking at social media. This is easier said than done. We are all guilty of pulling out our phone, scrolling to the latest feeds on IG from Our Planet Daily and Drunk People Doing Things. Yeah, that's what I look at sometimes. And this can be a humongous times suck. And it is just after you're done looking at this feed, after you're looking at whatever, Facebook, IG, TikTok, whatever it is, you then kind of come out of it, it's almost like a black hole you're in. And you're like, "Oh my God, what just happened?" And then you totally forgot what you were just doing, and you just have to bring yourself back to what you were doing. And then, you don't have that momentum anymore of how you were working. It is horrible. I'm guilty of it myself. But what you want to do and actually, what I do, is I just turn it on silent, put it face down on its screen.

And yeah, I know there are apps out there that will help you with this, but I mean, I don't know, don't use any of those apps. It's just as simple as turning off your notifications, turning off your sound, putting your phone face down. Or you can just put your phone away in your closet for the day if you don't need it for work. So that's what I do so I don't hear my notifications and I don't see them, and I am more focused on getting work done. It'll be more efficient for you throughout the day.

Number three, hire a 3PL. So what is a 3PL? For those of you that don't know what a 3PL is, it is a third-party logistics company. This is basically a warehouse that does the same thing as an FBA warehouse would do, they would pick, pack and ship your orders to your customers. And you would want a 3PL, if any percentage of your business is doing FBM, fulfilling by merchant. So you can simply also use them to store your goods and then send them off to Amazon to replenish if your stock is getting low. You don't have to have them fulfill your orders. This is what I do. I will have my manufacturer in China send, if I have too much product that they cannot send into Amazon, I'll then have them send in what they can to Amazon. And then I will have them send in the rest over to my 3PL. And then when I'm ready to replenish my inventory, I'll contact my 3PL, and then they will go ahead and send over whatever I need them to send over to Amazon.

And one thing that is really good is that my 3PL is located here in Pacoima, California. So the Moreno Valley Amazon Warehouse is usually where that product will get sent to when I create the shipping order. And it doesn't cost that much and it works out great because if I do have some extra product here, I don't need to contact China and wait for it to get over here, 30 days, 60 days, with the manufacturing time and everything, and the sea shipping. So it's always good to have some product here, even if it's in your garage, and just a few things. Of course, you can't pack up your entire garage with all of this, but if you want to, you can. But that's what a 3PL is good for, holding onto some of your product, and then sending it in to replenish your product in Amazon. And then also to fulfill your orders if you need them to do that as well.

All right, number four, get good PPC management software. Managing multiple sponsored ad campaigns can become a job within itself. And it is one of the most tedious things to do inside of an Amazon business, in my opinion. Changing the bids, making sure you're still getting traffic, lowering the bids, adding negative keywords, moving keywords from broad to exact, and then pausing the broad or bidding down the broad, and so forth. It gets very tedious. So find yourself a good PPC management software to go ahead and automate this process.

Number five, get some software that writes an entire Amazon on listing with a proprietary AI algorithm. And I just heard some of you say, "Does that really exist?" Yes, it does. You're welcome. For all of my Amazon listing writing, I use this brand new product that just came out this year, called PowerListing. And I cannot live without this. Basically what it does is you plug in a few of your main focus keywords, and then choose a few ASINs that your product is relevant to, and then press the go button, and then it creates, with its AI algorithm, five different listings in under minutes. Yes, you heard that right. I am not lying, this is needed for all Amazon brands, large or small, everyone needs to write an optimal Amazon listing.

And it has saved me thousands of dollars. And also, all that time with the back and forth of the person you hired over at Fiverr or Upwork, or whatever it was, and then the back and forth of editing that listing, and then getting it just right, making sure it's personalized right. It's just, that gets tedious in itself. Of course, if you have a VA dealing with someone else who is writing your listings, fantastic, but then you're paying this person to write your listings, maybe 200 bucks, if not more to write one Amazon listing. Maybe there's some people out there who charge less, but you're not getting the greatest Amazon listing, let's be honest. And I have to admit that PowerListing is one of our sister companies. And I rarely, rarely toot our own horn, you guys know that. But toot, toot, toot on this one. Power Listing is fricking amazing.

And if you were a MerchantWords, customer, if you're a current MerchantWords, customer, we are giving you a free listing, one free listing. Go there, sign up with the email that you used for MerchantWords, and you get one free listing. And I mean, we give you 10 listings for 200 bucks, 10 listings for 200 bucks. I mean, you could definitely stop paying those humans to write your listings right now, and go ahead and head over to Power Listing. I, as an Amazon seller, even if I did not work for MerchantWords, I would be using this thing all the time. I cannot live without it. And I am so excited about this product, and I'm so excited for you guys to check it out.

And of course, we're here for any questions that you guys may have on it. But we want you guys to go ahead and test it out. It is super simple to create a listing, so go check it out, And our guest. Jeff Bezos, sorry, we ran out of time. I promise to get you on the next episode, I really apologize for that. So till next time guys, stay awesome and be awesome.

All right, thank you guys so much for listening. And if you got any value out of this podcast at all, please let us know at the place that you listened to it at, whether it be iTunes, Stitcher, whatever it is, give us some love, give us an awesome review, and let us know maybe some things you want us to talk about on the next podcast. Till next time guys stay awesome and be awesome.