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MerchantWords is powered by customer searches from the world's largest e-commerce marketplace: Amazon. Our Classic Keyword Tool — everything you know and love — includes short and long tail keywords, related terms, search volume, seasonality, and keyword ranking.

We also offer additional tools to help you optimize and scale your business. With a comprehensive US Pro or Global plan, you get all the benefits of our Classic Keyword Tool, as well as access to: Reverse ASIN Search, Page One Search Analysis, and the Keyword History Analysis Panel.


How It Works

We’ve been doing this longer than anyone else, so we’ve learned how to update our algorithms as soon as Amazon does. We provide you with real shopper data directly from Amazon – not pay-per-click advertising data or Google search trends.

Here’s how we do it. Whenever a shopper starts typing in the Amazon search bar, Amazon populates suggested keywords. Our Data Science team builds proprietary algorithms which collect that data and sort through it. Our algorithms go through billions of data points to reveal hidden shopping trends and opportunities more quickly and accurately than anyone else.

What You Get

100% Risk-Free

We work hard to ensure our data is high-quality, so we’re confident you’ll be happy with our suite of products. Even so, you can always cancel your MerchantWords subscription anytime. There are no hidden fees, contracts, or credit system.

How to Get Started

You can subscribe to one affordable monthly charge, or sign up for an annual subscription and get two months free! You’ll instantly get access to our entire keyword database and world-class support services. It’s as easy as that.

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  • Billed every month (on the 5th)

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