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MerchantWords Listing Advisor™ is a personalized, affordable US-based Amazon listing creation service.

Our team of Amazon experts leverage our powerful, proprietary toolset, to analyze your content and identify opportunities for improvement. We personally handcraft your listing, you save valuable time.

What You Get

Connect MerchantWords Listing Advisor to the product listing(s) you want to be optimized, and we’ll have everything ready to go live in a few business days.

We start with market research to determine the right keywords for your product. Knowing which keywords to use – and where to strategically place them – is crucial for organic growth and converting shoppers that are viewing your listings into buyers.

We write the title, description, bullet points, and backend keywords. Everything is focused on helping you attract more of the right customers to your products.

Once we’re finished, your newly optimized listings are ready for your review and uploading to Seller Central.

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When you sign up for Listing Advisor, our Amazon SEO experts become your on-demand resource to help you gain maximum exposure and sales for your products!

We've been collecting and studying keywords on Amazon since 2012. We know what's new, what’s trending, what’s competitive, and what keywords will work best in your listings.


Enterprise Solutions

If you've got hundreds (maybe even thousands) of SKUs, let us do the heavy lifting.

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