MerchantWords = Your Amazon Team

Over the years we have worked with sellers like you to build and grow Amazon businesses of all sizes. That has given us great joy–and abundant knowledge. Now, our team is available to you so you can gain maximum exposure and sales for your products!

MerchantWords Listing Advisor is a personalized, affordable US-based service designed to relieve you of hours of effort while attracting more of the right customers to your products. Your dedicated Listing Advisor has access to our powerful, proprietary toolset, so they can quickly analyze your content and identify opportunities for improvement.

Your Listing Advisor goes well beyond adding a few keywords to your listings. On your behalf, we’ll conduct market research, strategize, and optimize your listings from top to bottom. And we don’t stop there: we can even help with professional product photos and sponsored ad management! We’ll help you create a showcase Amazon store in the US market and beyond. Keep scrolling for more details.

How it works

1. Sign up for the service.

2. On the next business day, a MerchantWords Listing Advisor will set up a time with you to analyze your inventory and suggest the best product listings to optimize.

3. Every month, your personal MerchantWords Listing Advisor will analyze more of your inventory, make more optimization suggestions, and continually work to maximize your conversions.

What do you get?

Our new service is the culmination of years of study and sales experience at an affordable price. A dedicated MerchantWords Listing Advisor is ready to help your Amazon store reach more people and generate more sales. Here’s how:

How much is it?

The MerchantWords Listing Advisor is a monthly subscription. We only charge for the number of listings you want us to optimize every month.

For example, if you want us to optimize 100 listings, we will start with the ones that have the most sales potential. In month two, we'll select the next 100; in month three the next 100 – and so on until we cover your entire inventory. And all along the way, we continually monitor everything we touch.

Starter Up to 10 listings per month Only $1,250/month
Professional Up to 100 listings per month For pricing enquire below
Big Seller Up to 500 listings per month For pricing enquire below
Enterprise More than 500 listings per month For pricing enquire below

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