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Are you doing product research? Perhaps you are looking for trends in long tail keywords? Maybe you just want more search keyword data.

Over the years, many customers have asked for programmatic access to our database. If you have a massive list of products and don't have time to grab keywords for each listing, our developer API may be the answer for you. The MerchantWords Keyword Tool API generates thousands of keyword suggestions for every product – no need to perform each search by hand anymore!

You can download millions of Amazon search terms every month. These are the same Amazon search keywords that power the MerchantWords service! And you get top keywords from around the world – not just the United States, but from Canada, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Japan, and Australia (with much more to come)! You will dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to find that next great product opportunity or Amazon PPC campaign.

The MerchantWords Keyword Tool API can also help you stay current with the most popular searches on Amazon. We refresh our data every week allowing you to map and monitor trends at massive scale. You can receive thousands of keywords and search volume estimates in a matter of seconds with each request and every response is in easy-to-use JSON format. What would you do with that much data?

Build something!

We believe that the best way to improve the seller ecosystem is to work together to build the next generation of tools.

Do you have a great product idea?
Are you a software company?
Are you looking for content marketing ideas?
Do you want to study how brands are represented in e-commerce?

Maybe you have some home-grown software that you use to manage your e-commerce business, and keyword research is the missing piece of the puzzle. The MerchantWords Keyword Tool API can help you bring your projects to life.

What do you get?

  • Up to 3000 requests per month
  • Up to 5000 keyword phrases returned per request
  • Estimated search volume for every keyword
  • Worldwide Amazon data: US, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Canada, Japan, Australia – and more on the way
  • Website access to our Global dataset

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  • Up to 5,000 keyword phrases returned per request

  • Access to MerchantWords global data

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