Using ASIN Plus to Analyze the Competition

MerchantWords ASIN Plus™ research tool gives you a comprehensive overview of top-ranking keyword phrases and key performance metrics for over 93 million of the best-selling Amazon products using an Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN).

See where your competitors rank for specific keywords, examine shopper-generated “related keyword” searches, and even discover more uses for your existing products!

To begin your search, enter an ASIN into the search bar under the MerchantWords logo and global navigation. At the top of the results page, you will see the ASIN, Product Image, Product Title, Seller, and Price. Below, you’ll find Search Terms Found, Star Rating, Total Reviews, and Best Seller Badge.

amazon ASIN competitive analysis

Let’s dig into the first four columns:


This number indicates the total quantity of keywords associated with this ASIN.


This data shows you how many stars a product has received. The scale goes from 1-5, with five being the best. This rating is a direct reflection of a product's rating as it appeared on Amazon when we collected the data.


This is the total number of Amazon reviews for the ASIN you entered. On more popular products, the number of reviews listed on MerchantWords may at times be slightly smaller than the total on Amazon, as this information changes frequently.


The Amazon Best Seller badge is based on sales, not ratings or reviews. It is an indicator of how well a product is selling overall.

Below these data points, you can view the full list of keywords and performance indicators where this ASIN is displayed on the first page of Amazon search results.


amazon product search tool

Provided an ASIN is on the first page of Amazon’s search results, we display all of the keywords with the highest search volume first. Searching by ASIN will give you different results than searching by keyword. Many sellers use this information to understand what keywords their competitors are ranking for and which they are using for listing optimization and advertising campaigns.


Reverse ASIN look up

As you may have noticed on our original keyword tool results, you have two options here. The BAR GRAPH provides detailed keyword search history and trends for this specific phrase via our Keyword History Analysis panel. The MAGNIFYING GLASS in this column allows you to perform an additional search to analyze and research the corresponding keyword phrase. This tool is explained in more detail below.


reverse asin competitor results

If you think one of the keywords would be ideal for your listing, you can start a new search for an entire keyword phrase by using the magnifying glass in the ACTIONS column. Plus, this nifty magnifying glass can help you search more than just MerchantWords.

Hovering over it will give you several different options:

OPTION ONE: Search MerchantWords. Clicking here will provide new search results focused on the entire keyword phrase you selected.

OPTION TWO: Search Amazon. Clicking here will open a search results page for the selected phrase directly on Amazon.com. You can see which listings – and how many of them – appear when the selected phrase is typed into the Amazon search bar. This feature also makes it easy to grab an ASIN for further research.

OPTION THREE: Search Walmart. This link opens a search results page from Walmart.com. It allows you to see how customers are searching on Walmart and how sellers are listing their products there.


amazon ASIN keyword search tool

This column provides you with the ranking an ASIN received on the search results page (SERP) when the associated keyword was searched. When you perform a keyword search on Amazon, the placement of each product/ASIN on the page is determined by a number of factors: product listing optimization, advertising, sales, reviews, Prime eligibility, etc.


amazon reviews merchantwords

This is the sum total of reviews for all products on the first page of search results. This can be used as a proxy for estimating overall sales and to gauge competition. The total number of reviews can help you quickly assess a product’s sales volume and popularity for any given keyword phrase. A high number of reviews can indicate a high barrier to entry for this product.


amazon search volume tool

This column tells you the total number of products available for sale that match with the given keyword phrase. If the number is high (i.e., thousands of search results), then it’s a quick indicator that the keyword and/or product is very competitive.


Amazon choice badge

If you see a "Yes" in this column, it is because that ASIN displays an Amazon's Choice badge when you search with the associated keyword phrase.

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