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MerchantWords ASIN Plus™ is a powerful reverse ASIN lookup tool designed to help Amazon sellers find profitable keywords and improve their sales performance. This tool has several features that can help Amazon sellers to optimize their product listings, boost their organic traffic, and increase their sales on Amazon.

ASIN Plus™ (A+) gives you a comprehensive overview of top-ranking keyword phrases and key performance indicators (KPIs) for hundreds of millions of the best-selling Amazon products using an Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) or International Standard Book Number (ISBN).

What is a reverse ASIN lookup?

A reverse ASIN lookup allows you to peek in on the keywords that are driving sales for your competition. To do a reverse ASIN search in MerchantWords, simply click on the “A+” tool (ASIN+ tool) on the left toolbar and search for your competitor’s ASIN or ISBN. We’ll bring back all of the keywords where that ASIN or ISBN ranks on page 1 of an Amazon search result page.

By using a reverse ASIN search, Amazon sellers can gain valuable insights into the keywords that are most effective in driving sales and optimizing their own product listings accordingly. This can help sellers improve their search rankings, increase visibility, and ultimately boost their sales on Amazon.

How can a reverse ASIN lookup help you?

  • Find highly relevant keywords for your listings – Doing reverse ASIN searches on your competitors lets you see where they rank for specific keywords. That means that these are keywords where products like yours are already generating revenue. Check out this video for how to do Amazon keyword research on Merchantwords.

  • Discover more uses for your existing products – Your competitors might have discovered other uses for your product that you could identify in the keywords they’re ranking for. The more uses for your product, the larger your potential customer base!

  • Craft a list of keywords for PPC campaigns – Keywords where your competitors are making sales (and you’re not) could be good opportunities for a PPC campaign.

Let’s dive in and take a look at the data that is available through a reverse ASIN lookup on MerchantWords.

What do you get on an ASIN Plus results page?

There are a few parts to the ASIN+ results page that help you to identify key pieces of information and keyword opportunities:

  • ASIN summary data – basic stats about the product
  • Keyword summary data – some high-level information about important words and phrases that drive sales for the ASIN
  • Organic search ranking data – an interactive graph that helps you see where the ASIN ranks across search result pages
  • Competitor keywords – these are the keywords that this ASIN ranks for on page 1 of Amazon search results.
  • Keyword filters – you can use this functionality to filter the keywords on this page

We’ll dive deeper into each of these sections:

ASIN Summary Data

At the top of the ASIN+ search results page you’ll get some summary information about the ASIN, such as the number of search terms indexed for this ASIN, the price, total reviews, and star rating.

ASIN plus search results summary data

Search terms found

This number indicates the total quantity of indexed keywords that place this product organically on Amazon page one.


How much this product is listed for in the chosen market.

Total Reviews

This is the total number of Amazon reviews for the ASIN you entered. On more popular products, the number of reviews listed on MerchantWords may at times be slightly smaller than the total on Amazon, as this information changes frequently.

Star Rating

The star rating for this product.

Keyword Summary Data

In the “Page Highlights” section there is aggregate summary data about the keywords on this page that this ASIN indexes for. In the above example, 16% of the keywords for this ASIN have the word “bose” in it, 12% of the keywords have the word “headphones”, etc.

One of the key features of MerchantWords ASIN+ is the ability to identify long tail keywords that are highly relevant to your product. If you toggle the “Long Tail” checkbox, the “Page Highlights” will update with some long tail keyword phrases on this ASIN+ page that this ASIN is indexed for.

keyword highlights from the ASIN+ search results

What is a long tail keyword?

Long tail keywords are search phrases or queries that are longer and more specific than typical search queries. They consist of three or more words and are highly targeted and more focused than broad search terms. For example, instead of searching for "shoes", a long tail keyword search might be "running shoes for women with wide feet."

Long tail keywords are usually less competitive than shorter, more general keywords, and they tend to have higher conversion rates because they are more relevant to the searcher's intent. They are especially important for businesses with niche products because they help to attract highly targeted traffic and potential customers who are more likely to convert into sales.

Use our Keyword Explorer to see more long tail keyword phrases or frequent words from this page. To bring up the Keyword Explorer, you can click on the “View more” link in the “Page Highlights” box, or you can click on the “Analyze This Page” button from the “Select Action” drop-down.

ASIN plus drop down menu to access the keyword explorer

This will bring up the Keyword Explorer pop out that helps you identify important words and phrases amongst all of the keywords on the page. (Click through 1x, 2x, 3x, etc. buttons to see varying phrase lengths)

example keyword explorer results

Organic Search Ranking Data

The organic search ranking distribution graph helps you to see where this ASIN organically ranks on Amazon search result pages across all of the keywords it is indexed for. In this example, we see that most of the time this ASIN is ranked organically in the top 16 positions on the Amazon search results page.

Example of an ASIN plus organic search rank distribution graph

Competitor Keywords

The ASIN+ tool also provides valuable insights into which keywords your competitors are targeting. This information can help you to identify areas where you can improve your own product listings and gain a competitive advantage on Amazon.

In addition to identifying relevant keywords, MerchantWords ASIN+ also provides information on search volume, competition, and estimated monthly revenue for each keyword. This information allows you to make informed decisions about which keywords to target in your product listings, and to optimize your listings for maximum performance.

There are a number of columns for each keyword, so we’ll dive into the meaning behind each of these pieces of data.

Competitor keywords from an ASIN plus lookup

Amazon search terms

Amazon’s algorithm indexes each keyword in this column (misspellings included) and places this product on page one of the search results. The keyword with the highest search volume is displayed first. You can use these keywords to optimize your listing further or run PPC campaigns.

Amazon search volume

This is the number of monthly shoppers searching on Amazon with a given keyword phrase. Estimation is based on the number of Amazon visitors per month and MerchantWord’s proprietary AI algorithm.

This column gives you the estimated monthly total of overall Amazon searches per keyword. Our data scientists use our proprietary algorithms to comb through our extensive database and calculate the ranking of every single search phrase. Taking into account the number of monthly Amazon shopper visits, we then allocate the proportional search volume across all search phrases. We repeat this process many times every month to give you the most up-to-date information available today.

Other Amazon keywords tools use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising data to produce their keyword estimates. The MerchantWords approach is different. Instead of focusing on what search phrases are popular with Amazon Advertisers, we focus first on what search phrases are popular with Amazon Shoppers. The best place to find new opportunities and trends is within the Amazon search bar. The result is the most accurate, most extensive database of customer keyword search data available today.


This is the date that we most recently identified this keyword as an active search phrase used by Amazon shoppers.

Search rank

This column tells you the position an ASIN appears on the search results page (SERP) when a shopper searches for the associated keyword. Several factors determine the placement of each ASIN on Amazon, including product listing optimization, advertising, sales, reviews, Prime eligibility, etc. A lower search rank number indicates that this ASIN is ranking higher on the SERP. Typically keywords where the ASIN is ranking in the top 8 positions, are keywords that are particularly good at generating revenue for that ASIN.


This column tells you the total number of ASINs associated with the given keyword phrase. If the number is high (i.e., thousands of search results), then it’s a quick indicator that the keyword and/or product is likely very competitive.

Sponsored Ads

This is the total number of Sponsored Ads that show up on the first page of search results for this keyword. This information provides some insight into the keywords sellers are bidding on, and the level of competition on the page. It is important to note that advertising campaigns change all the time, so this represents a recent snapshot in time.


This is the total number of reviews for all products on the first page of search results. The total number of reviews can help you quickly assess a product’s sales volume and popularity for any given keyword phrase. A high number of reviews can indicate a high barrier to entry for this product.


Sometimes keywords are associated with a specific category. Whenever these are available, we show this data to you. Keep in mind; a single keyword can appear across multiple categories.

Amazon’s Choice

If you see a "Yes" in this column it is because that ASIN displays an Amazon’s Choice badge when you search with the associated keyword phrase.

Keyword Filters

Keyword filter options for an ASIN plus search

You can refine your search results by filtering by market, search volume, search rank, results, sponsored ads, reviews, categories, or Amazon’s choice. You can also download the CSV or add any relevant keywords to a keyword collection.


Overall, MerchantWords ASIN+ is a powerful tool for Amazon sellers looking to optimize their product listings and increase their sales on Amazon. With its advanced keyword research features, it can help sellers to identify profitable keywords, monitor their rankings, and gain a competitive advantage in the Amazon marketplace.

Next Step: Bulk ASIN or Keyword Searches

We’ve made it super simple for you to bulk search on MerchantWords. Search up to 50 ASINs or 1000 keywords at one time using our Bulk Search tool.

Need reverse ASIN lookup data for thousands of products? Find out more about MerchantWords' Amazon API.